DumpLoada 700 High Speed

High speed, Medium capacity, high performance premium level dumper trailer

Designed and built by Stronga for professional users requiring high performance, long life and reliability

Excellent, technical paint finish applied to withstand Norwegian winter road conditions

DumpLoada 700 High Speed Standard Specification

300 x 135 brake axles 8 stud ADR 90 x 90 squ 1900mm trackSTR-202 406 x 120 brake axles 10 stud ADR 100 x 100 sq. 1900mm track Dual brakesSTR-305 Double (dual) air and hydraulic brake system
LSV valve for air brakesSTR-304 LSV valve for air brakes Auto slack adjustersSTR-307 Automatic autoslack adjusters
Multi-leaf suspension offers the benefit of high speed with comfortSTR-400 Multilift Sprung suspension Multi-Position Sprung DrawbarSTR-501 Multiposition sprung drawbar
Bolt on swivel towing eyelet STR typeSTR-504
Bolt on swivel towing eyelet STR type 3 position plate for bolting towing eyelet shoe type rest STR-603 Suspended shoe type drawbar rest
Hardox 450 4mm Sides and 6mm floorSTR-1203 Sides – 4mm Hardox 450 Floor – 6mm Hardox 450 Single top hung door with hydraulic flip back lockSTR-1303 Single top hung door with hydraulic flip back lock
TyresSTR-815 445/50 R22,5 Complete wheel Bandenmarkt TA 161M TL MudguardsSTR-903 Hard plastic quarter mudguards
Rear protective bumper and rubber mudguardsSTR-902
Rear removable protective bumper and rear rubber mudguards Hand brakeSTR-301 Cable type hand brake
Side protection railsSTR-1001 Side protection rails Wheel chocksSTR-1007 Wheel chocks
12v electric system, LED lightsSTR-1041 12V electric system. All LED lights.

Optional Extras

BPW axleSTR-1031 BPW 410 x 120 brake axles 10 stud 120 x 120 sq. 2000mm track Tool boxSTR-1000 Lockable steel tool box
Rear working lightSTR-1037 One rear working light

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Model DL700-HS
Gross Weight 20000kg
Technical Payload 16000kg
Weight on Drawbar 3500kg
Sprung suspension capacity 16000kg
Tip Angle 65°
Ram Type Telescopic
Lift capacity of step 1 at 180 bar 29,7 tonnes
Oil requirement 18,2 litres
Min. draft requirement 74kW(100HP)
Hitch height 470-510-550mm
Floor Sheet 6mm Hardox 450
Side Sheet 4mm Hardox 450
Inside Body Height 800mm
Transport Capacity ca. 8m³
Standard Tyres 445/45 R22,5
Overall Height (Max. Tip) 4967mm
Overall Length 5583mm
Overall Width 2500mm
Colour Yellow
Speed 60 km/h